SINTEF is an independent and non-commercial organisation that delivers research based systems and services. Their areas of focus contribute towards achieving future sustainable energy systems and include bio-energy, hydropower, offshore windfarms, gas technology, LNG and hydrogen as well as energy system integration.

SINTEF Industry is co-ordinating AMBITION’s project oversight and common agenda, under the leadership of Bernd Wittgens and his colleagues Alexander Wentzel, Torbjørn Pettersen and Olaf Trygve Berglihn.

SINTEF Industry has comprehensive competence in advanced chemical analysis, modelling, optimization of process units, bio-process technology, enzyme technology, high throughput screening, separation processes and the material and energy integration of bio-chemical and thermo-chemical conversion pathways. The institute has extensive knowledge within chemical engineering, catalysis, thermodynamics, reactor modelling, mathematics and flow modelling.

Extensive and interdisciplinary work within oil and gas operations has generated a strong generic knowledge base for process design, optimization and integration, which is now utilized for research towards biorefinery. SINTEF Industry are able to demonstrate the liability of a product or a process through fundamental laboratory work, manifest its usefulness in pilot scale and using the results, design and make cost estimates for full-scale processes.

SINTEF Industry has an established biorefinery group with access to various laboratories, covering the value chain from pre-treatment to final product purification. These laboratory facilities have been recently upgraded through national funding to cover thermochemical (catalytic assisted pyrolysis and upgrading unit) and biochemical (microbial production process optimization and strain testing platform). These conversion processes are integrated with separation processes and interfaced to online and offline analytical equipment.


Lead Scientist

Lead Scientist