LNEG is a State Research and Development institution, associated with the Ministry of Economy in Portugal. Their role in AMBITION will focus on efficient low temperature pre-treatment fractionation to generate valuable lignin and carbohydrate streams. Francisco Girio, Head of the Bioenergy Unit, leads LNEG’s role in AMBITION supported by a team of scientists. He is also coordinator of EERA-Bioenergy (Biochemical platform) and BBRI (a national research institute on biomass and bioenergy), as well as being involved in a range of new EU bioenergy projects.

LNEG has four Laboratory of Energy R&D units as well as a Laboratory of Geology and Mines. These facilities support research in biochemical, microalgae, thermochemical platforms, as well as analytical sciences for biofuels and biomass sustainability.

National Laboratory of Energy and Geology (LNEG) is a research and development institution working to meet the needs of both society and business. Research areas include Energy Production Systems, Energy Analysis, Engogenous Resources, Geology for a Sustainable Territory, Energy Efficiency, New Trends and Innovation, as well as Geological Hazards and Environment.


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