ENEA is a major Italian research organisation with approximately 2700 staff working across 9 research centres. The agency’s activities are focused on energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, nuclear energy, climate and the environment, health and safety, new technologies and electric system research.

AMBITION’s work at ENEA is led by Francesco Zimbardi who is overseeing Biomass organosolv pretreatment at bench scale, pilot gasification of residues from enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation with updraft configuration as well as adjustment of the H2 /CO ratio by Water Gas Shift in H2-permeable Pd / Ag membrane reactors and LCA of the gasification stage and of the whole process.

ENEA’s mulitidisciplinary competences service both state and industry needs, developing new technologies and advanced applications, providing high tech services, studies and testing, as well as developing training that provides greater public knowledge.

ENEA has a high pressure and temperature batch reactor (PARR) for carrying out biomass pre-treatment and fractionation with water and solvents, as well as a Membrane reactor and separator (pd/Ag based), which can be used to test WGS or other catalysts for reactions involving H2.ENEA also has a pilot scale Updraft Gasification plant (PRAGA), which was installed in June 2010 to test the co-gasification of biomass and sorted MSW (plastic).


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