The following is a list of biofuels and bioenergy events that have been brought to AMBITION’s attention.

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AMBITION and associated partners cannot accept any responsibility for the content or organisation of any of these events.


July 11-12, 20193rd International Conference & Expo on Green Chemistry and EngineeringLas Vegas, USA
July 16-18, 20194th International Conference on Green Energy TechnologyRome, Italy
July 17-18, 2019Biofuels, Energy & Economy, 2019Dubai, UAE
July 22-24, 2019Advanced Materials Japan 2019Osaka, Japan
July 22-24, 20195th International Congress on Water, Waste and Energy ManagementParis, France
July 24-26, 20192019 International Conference on Green Energy and Environmental Technology (GEET-19)Paris, France
September 9-10, 2019Smart Energy 2019London, UK
September 11-13, 20192nd World Bioeconomy Forum Ruka, Finland
September 15-20, 2019Bio-Char II: Production, Characterization and ApplicationsCalabria, Italy
September 21-23, 2019C1net CONFERENCE 4 – CHEMICALS FROM C1 GASNottingham, UK
September 23-25. 2019International Conference on Biofuels and BioenergyBarcelona, Spain
September 30-4 Oct. 201917th International Waste Management and Landfill SymposiumSardinia, Italy
October 22-23, 2019International Biogas Congress & ExpoBrussels, Belgium
October 22-23, 2019Biofuels International Conference & ExpoBrussels, Belgium
October 22-23, 2019International Biomass Congress & ExpoBrussels, Belgium
October 25-27, 2019BIT's 3rd International Biotechnology Congress-19Singapore
November 4-5, 20193rd International Conference on Renewable & Non Renewable Energy Sources (Renewable Energy 2019)Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia