What We Do

AMBITION brings together 8 research partners from across Europe


Develop innovative key unit operations in biofuels production: Biomass pre-treatment, gasification, gas cleaning and conditioning, syngas fermentation


Evaluate the technical, economic and environmental feasibility of integrating biofuels production into today’s energy system


Create strong and sustainable partnerships between renowned European bioenergy research institutions


Implement strategic research in a transnational context & share innovation with industry partners and stakeholders


Host workshops that will provide the opportunity to exchange views, learn from each other and promote alignment


Define research priorities and the need for technological innovation

renewable and sustainable energyBioenergy supports renewable and environmentally sustainable energy goals, providing fuel solutions for a range of industries. AMBITION aims to transform biofuel conversion technologies, with a scope that fits within international energy systems


AMBITION is one of four projects in the ECRIA pilot programme that seek to develop a longer term joint agenda on the integration of biofuels production and surplus grid energy valorisation.

Specifically working towards Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) 2 to 5, AMBITION is a collaboration of European biofuels research organisations to develop key unit operations in biofuels production.

AMBITION’s eight partners are working together to develop low temperature biomass pre-treatment, gasification, syngas fermentation and system integration technologies, furthering biofuels research for a sustainable energy future.

As a Horizon 2020 project, AMBITION is committed to implementing strategic research and sharing innovation. Find out more about the research underway on news and publications.

More information on other projects in the ECRIA programme is available via the EERA website.